Earlier today, a co-worker flagged this AdAge article for my team.  Not only was it inspiring but it helped me look at creative thinking in a different way.

"Think for yourself. Stop trying to run with the herd. The idea that you have to go along to get along is crushing the creativity in you and the industry."

Although teamwork is essential in a creatively driven industry, so is individuality. 


I want to send a shout out to my friend Ben Levine at The Nutrition Hub, an amazing new website and (soon) mobile application that helps consumers find the healthiest foods at the touch of their hands. 

I’ve been following Ben’s (and his team’s) efforts to get this site launched and I’m so impressed with the content.  If you want to get motivated this weekend, eat right and check out the Nutrition Hub for all your healthy choices. 


I asked @GreenGirlInc (Lori) what motivates her to get her week started…

"Knowing that I will be connecting with dynamic people who are trying to make a difference motivates me each day!"

As a young PR professional, I can really connect with Lori’s answer - making connections and building relationships with dynamic people, make my life a more rich experience.  Everyone should feel empowered to connect with someone that will motivate them to make a difference. 


I asked @beautyjunkies (Amber) what motivates her to get the week started.  I absolutely LOVED her response…

"Good question! This may sound silly but it’s usually the cries of 2 furbabies on my bed crying for food! #motivationalMondays

What a creative way to get motivated!   I think we can all learn to ramp up our weeks by getting motivated in creative ways. 


I had a great reminder this weekend about the concept of ‘know your audience.’  As young business professionals, it is apparent for us to not only consider this concept but practice it as we move forward in our careers.  As my internship wraps up this week at Waggener Edstrom, one of my greatest takeaways is learning how to be an active listener – or as I have been told by my manager ‘to harness my blue.’

Being an active listener is a huge part of knowing your audience when engaging in conversations.  Although it may seem self-explanatory, it is important to remind ourselves because many times the way we come across in meetings can be unconscious.  I learned this weekend that my dad, who has been a business owner and client facing for 25+ years, is just now seeing a Business Coach.  As my dad put it, he’s engaging in ‘passion management’ – something I think we can all consider in our own lives.  What exactly is passion management?

According to a News Times article, passion management is building trust through active listening and asking questions.  By building trust in our conversations, there is more opportunity to share your passions and ideas.  The article also points out the importance of this topic when entering a new job.

“Especially when you’re in a new situation such as a new job, you need to be able to step back and listen.  Figure out the politics of the company and how it operates, as well as the opinions and personalities of the people you are working with.”

Knowing my audience is something I have struggled with as a young person.  Sometimes my passion gets in the way of the overall goal in a conversation.  Thus, considering ways to prepare for a meeting, such as stepping back and saying ‘pause’, is essential to anyone’s growth personally and professionally.  Through my experience at WE, I hope to study this concept further and utilize it as I move forward as a young business professional.  My goal through this blog post is to empower others to consider and practice necessary steps for building better conversations.